Hard disk health and reliability analysis

Almost every EIDE or SATA hard disk includes S.M.A.R.T. data. That information is collected by the drive itself and contains data that the manufacturer considered relevant to check reliability. The data is made up of several attributes that have a current value, a worst one, a threshold, some raw data, and some flags. Basically, when any attribute's current value is below its threshold, the hard disk is considered unreliable and likely to fail. By using several techniques, this report tries to give a wider range of information, basing its analysis on advanced comparisons with normal values based on real hard disks and on expert-like checks. The final results are not to be taken as an absolute truth, but they are almost as good as a professional expert advice about your hard disk status.

NOTE: this is a sample result using default hard disk data. In order to get a real report about the health, status and reliability of your hard disk, please refer to SpeedFan if you are using Windows or visit this website if you are interested in Linux/Unix support.

Your hard disk is a Maxtor 6B160P0 with firmware BAH41B10.
The average temperature for this hard disk model is 37°C (min=27°C max=48°C) and yours is 34°C.

  Attribute   Current   Raw
Spin Up Time 205 0000000026A5
Start/Stop Count 253 000000000064
Reallocated Sector Count 253 000000000000
Read Channel Margin 253 000000000000
Seek Error Rate 253 000000000000
Seek Time Performance 246 00000000C06B
Power On Hours Count 236 000000008F01
Spin Retry Count 253 000000000000
Calibration Retry Count 253 000000000000
Power Cycle Count 253 000000000040
Power Off Retract Count 253 000000000000
Load Cycle Count 253 000000000000
Hardware ECC Recovered 253 0000000005B1
Reallocated Event Count 253 000000000000
Current Pending Sector 253 000000000000
Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count 253 000000000000
Ultra DMA CRC Error Rate 199 000000000000
Write Error Rate 253 000000000000
Soft Read Error Rate 253 000000000000
TA Increase Count 253 000000000000
Run Out Cancel 253 000000000000
Shock Count Write Opern 253 000000000000
Shock Rate Write Opern 253 000000000000
Spin High Current 253 000000000000
Spin Buzz 253 000000000000
Offline Seek Performance 240 00000000009F
Unknown attribute 210 253 000000000000
Vibration During Write 253 000000000000
Shock During Write 253 000000000000

All the attributes of your hard disk are above the S.M.A.R.T. thresholds set by the manufacturer. This is good.

The overall fitness for this drive is 95%.
The overall performance for this drive is 95%.

The link to get back and see a new report about this hard disk in the future is this. Consider that new hard disks and new checks are added over time.

DISCLAIMER: this report does its best to highlight issues and warnings related to your hard disk. It cannot be held responsible for any mistake. This page and its results cannot be used in any other way but the one defined by its author.